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“VOTER ISSUE ALLIANCES” are organized around solutions to national problems that voters consider so important to themselves, their families, and their  future that they pledge their votes to those candidates who support that same position. VIAs are based on the assumption that nearly all money raised in election campaigns is aimed at winning the most votes.

Do you think the rich individuals and powerful organizations that put up the big money are trying to create a political environment best suited to their interests or yours?

Show any elected official that you can deliver a bloc of votes and you have overcome the impact of the SuperPacs, Political Action Committees, and big organizations.


Most of the money raised today is used to buy television ads, newspaper inserts, billboards, and mailers to influence how people vote. If you have already decided how your ballot will be cast, the money of rich individuals, lobbying groups, and special interests is rendered useless. Moreover, their expectation of what that money will bring them is neutralized.

Think of this. Given the percentage of citizens who are not registered, the number of registered voters who do not vote, and the number of voters who are not locked into a political position, perhaps 80% to 90% of election money is now wasted. Wouldn’t you like to show the cash cows and their arrogant advisers how ordinary citizens can reclaim their government?

Then Set Up a Page for Each Individual VIA

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