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They Aren’t Dummies!

23 Jul

Two recent items in the press have to make you wonder about the sanity of those spending millions on the Presidential campaigns. The New York Times reported on July 18 that “despite months of negative advertising from Mr. Obama and his Democratic allies seeking to further define Mr. Romney as out of touch with the […]


Are You Motivated?

22 Jul

Behavioral economist Dan Ariely, writing in the Wall Street Journal for July 21, 2012, notes that people are “motivated to vote [when they] care about the outcome of the election and the people whom they are voting for.” We can kill two birds with one stone with Voter Issue Alliances: Render the corruption that money […]


Make Them Take A Stand

21 Jul

The shooting at Aurora, Colorado, provoked MoveOn.Org to urge supporters via EMail to “sign the Mayors Against Illegal Guns petition.” When I read the plea, I wondered whether it would have any real impact against the National Rifle Association’s money and clout. Unlikely. Those favoring gun control preaching to one choir; those opposed to another. […]


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