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This country is in great need of an institution of government that puts the national interest ahead of partisan politics. The two party system, winner take all districts, adversarial debates, and fast-changing social values have split us into two sharply divided camps. The art and grace of compromise has been lost.

Just as America’s great contribution to governance was the creation and acceptance of Supreme Courts as final arbiters of political disputes, so we need to create a new national office to look at solutions to national problems solely from the standpoint of what is fair and consistent with the Preamble to the Constitution — does the solution insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, establish justice, promote the general welfare, and/or secure the blessings of liberty.

Where any of the commands of the preamble seem to be in conflict, the PREAMBLER would select the one that does the most good for the most people with the least amount of damage. The PREAMBLER OF THE UNITED STATES, nominated by the sitting President, vetted by the House of Representatives, and approved by the US Senate, would serve a 6-year renewal term and provide unbiased analysis for a balanced solution to national problems. The Arbiter’s recommendation would still be left, as now, to elected officials to fashion into an enforceable law.

If you believe a new independent national office would be able to offer fair and consistent guidance to legislators, administrators, and others involved in American governance, then demand a pledge of support for this issue from every candidate on your election ballot in return for giving that candidate your vote.

To support this VIA contact its coordinator:

Godfrey Harris

Los Angeles, California

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