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If you like the concept of VOTER ISSUE ALLIANCES, you may become a participant in an already formed ALLIANCE or you may want to form your own VIA

Existing VIA

If you want to support an existing VIA, see the list on the Home Page, then click on the appropriate name to find the CANDIDATE PLEDGE and supporting ISSUE STATEMENT to send to candidates on your ballot.

Send the CANDIDATE PLEDGE and ISSUE STATEMENT as attachments to the suggested ISSUE EMAIL we hope you will send to your friends and contacts inviting them to join you in your endeavor. You may, of course, modify the suggested ISSUE EMAIL to suit your own style.


If you want to form Your Own VIA on an issue of importance to your city, state, or the nation, please fill in the form below and send it to us.

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After we receive the form, a VIA Coordinator will be assigned to work with you in refining the presentation to where it will be posted on this website and in helping you to promote its acceptance. Specifically, the VIA Coordinator will write the CANDIDATE PLEDGE in consonance with the final ISSUE STATEMENT.


Here are some examples for your reference:

Issue Statement

A legal obligation for all citizens to vote – in the same way that everyone is required to pay taxes, go to school, serve on juries, and obey the laws — would make government more responsive to the public interest and less likely to serve the special interests of campaign contributors.

Candidate Pledge

I agree to do everything possible during my term in office to make mandatory voting for all national, state, and local offices a requirement of citizenship and to help devise incentives for citizens who vote and/or penalties for those who don’t.

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